New generation of circle and cross game
in VR and 3D

XoboX is an addictive noughts and crosses game enriched with an extra dimension
that will draw you into long hours of play and fun for everyone in any age.

Many hours of play and fun
Unlock 15 game levels

In order not to be boring, we gave three levels of difficulty for each of 15 game levels. Get many Achievements!
You will be rewarded for your effort independently for each game and you will be unlocking the next cubes and rows.

The xobox game:
Coming soon
Our game
The game

Xobox, a mech robot that plays tic-tac-toe. Not just a circle and cross. But Tic-Tac-Toe extended with an additional dimension and feeling.

This has significantly changed the game, which can simple as it was or very demanding and difficult. We have a board with the size of three rows for three columns as in a classic game with an additional dimension. Here we play as we used to, on one board to set a circle or cross in one line alternating with the other player. Whoever succeeds, he wins.

Simple what not? But imagine that we enlarged the ankle and enlarged it, enlarged it several times up to the size of 7x7 with an additional dimension which gives us the size of 7x7x7. We already have almost 250 possibilities to put our circle and cross.

That it would not be enought difficult we add possibility of simultaneous play for 8 players so you can play with friends, or with our Xobox mech robot. This is a challenge and such game can take hours of fun.

The challenge

In order not to be boring, we gave three levels of difficulty for each of 15 game levels. You will be rewarded for your effort independently for each game and you will be unlocking the next cubes and rows.

So take the challenge in the Xobox game. Get all the rewards and become the Master.

Virtual Reality

The game can be played in VR technology. After putting on VR goggles, we will move to the magical land where you meet the mech Xobox robot, our heroines and you will see a huge castle. Then you will feel like in a different world.

The game supports Oculus Rift VR, HTC VIVR VR and HTC VIVE PRO VR goggles and Samsung Gear VR mobile goggles. To control the game, we use our hands via motion controllers or the control panel in the case of Gear VR.

The Xobox

We have constructed Xobox robot from scratch from the smallest screw to accompany you during the game. He is Japanese and has a big belly because inside there is a large cube playing the noughts and crosses.

Thanks to this, he can play this game with you. It is also very heavy and therefore slow. However, it has incredible power and abilities. Check them out and try to defeat him in the Xobox game.

Epic grant

Thank you Epic Games!

The Xobox game received the "Unreal Dev Grants" grant and the VR set from Epic Games. Thanks to this, today you can play this game on the VR platform! Epic thank you very much for your support! It means a lot to us.

Unreal Engine 4

The Xobox game uses Unreal Engine 4 one of the strongest and most powerful computer game engines. Thanks to it's use, the highest quality of graphics, animations and 3D surround sound has been achieved. Thanks to UE4, the game has been released on so many platforms and everyone can play the game on their favorite devices.

In order to achieve the highest performance Xobox game was entirely written in c ++. It is based on the latest version of the UE4 engine and has been fully optimized for work in VR and 3D on mobile devices.

Game origin

Everyone knows and loves the tic-tac-toe game. It's history back to time immemorial and now it is one of the oldest games that humanity remembers. During all these years, many legends and myths about it were born. However, the game itself has practically never changed in the beginning.

Billions of people around the World playing it. From small children to adults. Children's games versus grandmothers and grandparents are known and nobody really knows who plays it best.

Once played on a piece of paper with a piece of coal or pencil. Nothing else was required for the game except for a piece of paper. It was fun for two people. A very simple game, fast and addictive enough to be able to play it during breaks at school, in your free time or on the way.

Characters in the game
Characters in the game
shining in the sky
Ama brightens her smile, always cheerful and full of light. She shines in the sky.
real mech
Xobox is a Japanese robot, real Mech. It has a circles and cross game inside and challenges you to challenge in the game.
same luck
Ben is lucky, always happy, beautiful, adorable and likes singing. It is believed that sea may be her second home.
See the Xobox game in action (beta version)
The video trailer presents the game in the VR version. It contains a game-play record of the game. As you can see in the video we control the dice using the movement of our hands.

Final game will be improved with extended functionality.
Play the game at the gaming fairs
We were together on the following events. Thank you very much for the opinions about the game and suggestions for its development, which you can currently see in the game.
Austin in Texas, USA, 2018
Pixel Heaven
Warsaw in Poland, Europe, 2018
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some platforms comming soon: apple, gear vr, nitendo switch
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Mobile for Free
Use your Android smartphone to play the game.
Virtual Reality
Play game in Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE VR devices equipment in touches controllers.

Game support HTC VIVE PRO VR as well.
Get the best quality 3D game on your personal computer.

This version supports also VR devices.